Charlie Sheen Lands A New TV Show- And His Former “Two And A Half Men” Character Will Die!


Here’s some news on “Two and a Half Men.”

Well, first of all, Charlie Sheen is still not coming back- at all. However, he has signed up for a new sitcom with Lionsgate. It looks like he’ll be getting paid the same as his other show, and he’ll be playing the similar character that he once performed.

Charlie also may be single again, but at least he found something else to keep him busy… unless they decide to fire him off that show too.

Ashton Kutcher is still set up to take over for the character, Charlie, but there’s still no official word on who he’ll be… but we do know that he’s not going to be the actual Charlie… because Charlie Harper is going to be killed off!

As of now, the writers are thinking of killing off Charlie by driving off a cliff or something along those lines. That’s odd because last we heard, “Two and a Half Men” was a comedy.

Most of are pretty curious to see what the next season will bring us, but others are probably thinking that it was just time for the show to end.

Penny for your thoughts? -StarzUncut

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