Tom Hanks – There Will Be A “Toy Story 4!!!!”


It looks like there’s going to be another adventure with Woody, Buzz, and the gang!!! Perhaps the series really will be going to infinity…and beyond!!!

According to Tom Hanks, “Toy Story 4″ is already getting some work done.  With the way the third one ended, it seems like they could’ve concluded the toy saga…but at the same time, it left some of us hanging and hungry for more!!!!  Toy Story” is one of the most endearing movie trilogies that was ever made! We grew up with it, and it knows exactly how to warm our hearts and bring tears to our eyes.

We will definitely be looking forward to number 4!

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  • toomuchuselessinfo

    If it turns out to be a Toy Story 4 the only plot I will be happy with is if Bonnie grows up and the toys end up with Andy and he passes them on to his own kids.