Maria Shriver Filing For Divorce From Arnold Schwarzenegger


It’s official…and kind of obvious.

Maria Shriver is filing for divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger after 25 years of marriage.

It was expected to happen, but it’s still kind of a shock. They’ve been married for so long, then all of a sudden a love child comes through (and possible more love children).

Arnold was putting his acting on hiatus to concentrate on his marriage, but we guess that he can just try to get in another movie because his marriage is going further down the drain.

Although we don’t know if anyone would even care to see him in a new movie. His reputation is just a little screwed over at this point.

The best thing to focus on is what to do about the children. According to the petition, Maria is asking for joint custody of the kids.

As for Arnold’s love child (or children), that’ll be up to him and his mistress (or mistresses).

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