Kristin Stewart To Play Casey Anthony?


It might be a little too soon for this, but word is going around that there’s going to be a movie about Casey Anthony and everything involving her trial.

A leading role is currently being searched for and one name that is being considered is Kristin Stewart.

Apparently, K-Stew has the right look and talent for the job. She kind of does, but we don’t even know what’s going to happen with the trial right now.

So hopefully the movie won’t be coming out until a while after the trial is finished. But when it is, K-Stew might be able to pull it off. She could probably do the same mannerisms that Casey does.

So she’ll be Bella, Snow White, and possibly Casey? Those are all some massively different characters. And to play a possible murderer?

K-Stew better pull it off or else there will be some more Twilight haters…

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