Shia Labeouf Will Not Be Doing Another “Transformers” Movie


Shia Labeouf says that “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” will be his last movie of the Transformers franchise.

He says that he loves everything about the movies, but he doesn’t have anything left to give, and there’s nothing more that his character can give either.

So is it really because he has nothing left to give or is it just because he’s awkward about the Megan Fox thing? Some of us won’t look at the first movie the same way again…

The new “Transformers” movie actually made about 97 million at the box office this weekend. Not bad, but that’s a lot less than what the others made in their opening weekends.

Are less people watching the new “Transformers” movie because this one is Megan Fox-less? Or is it because the last movie was SOOOO lame???!!!

Well, critics said that “Dark of the Moon” wasn’t that bad so it might be worth a shot.

Do any of you plan on watching the new “Transformers?” If you already did watch it, then did YOU like it???

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