“American Idol” Contestant Pia Toscano Signing A Record Deal


Pia Toscono will not let her loss on “American Idol” stop her from making it as a singer.

The former “Idol” contestant has signed on for a record deal with Interscope Records. She’ll have her first single “First Time” come out on Tuesday.

Although Pia didn’t make it that far in the contest, she still has a chance to make it as a singer. She has a good voice, and she was very unique on the show with her style.

Also, getting voted off “American Idol” didn’t stop Adam Lambert nor Chris Daughtry. And it especially didn’t stop Jennifer Hudson.

Although it’s too late to choose, Pia has our vote. -StarzUncut

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  • michael blair

    WTG im so happy 4 u Pia,i was rooting for you on AI.i saw u from the start.i play guitar,sing and write my own music so i can see the ones tyhat rterally sing their hearts out.u sing your heart out :) keep up the good work k ay michaelpicks