Taylor Momsen’s Gives Another Raunchy Performance


Someone’s desperate to grow up.

It’s one thing to dress provocatively, but to get up on someone is another- especially when you’re only 17.

Taylor Momsen gave one of her fans a lap dance during her performance in Barcelona. It was pretty hard-core and pretty reckless too (no pun intended). The fan she swung her hips and legs on also happened to be a girl.

Nice to see that Taylor’s having fun, but to give lap dances at the age of 17??? She’s not even old enough to work in a nightclub!!!

Taylor’s kind of known for getting hard-core suring her performances. She flashed the audience one time while there was tape plastered over her chest. And people have said that she brought a sex toy on stage to another.

Anyone else think it’s kind of creepy that Cindy Lou Who from “The Grinch” is baring her breasts to audiences and giving lap dances to them???

And singing about dying and bleeding tears in music videos???

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