Arnold Schwarzenegger Heading Back To Acting


He’s baaAAAaaack!!!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be going back to big screen in a movie called “The Last Stand.”

Last we heard, Arnold was taking more time off from acting to focus on personal matters- in other words, his love child with his mistress.

Not even two months after said child was revealed, and he’s already getting back into the movie game. So obviously that means his personal matters are all taken care of…

The movie he’s doing is about a sheriff who deals with drugs and the Mexican border. It might be good, but it seems just a LITTLE soon for him to be making movies right now.

After all, Arnold doesn’t have much of an audience right now- well, at least not a good one. He lost a million fans when he decided to run for governor, and he lost a million more when he won.

Now that he’s got an extra kid, there’s not much good recognition that he can receive.

But it looks like he’s gonna go for it anyway. Unless he’s got some other love children hanging around somewhere…

Any of you plan on going to see “The Last Stand?” -StarzUncut

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