Shia LaBeouf Turned Down Oscar-Nominated Roles



It’s just been revealed that Shia LaBeouf turned down two Oscar-nominated roles: one for “The Social Network” and the other for “127 Hours.”

That’s kind of lame because if he had gone for either role, he could have been nominated for an Oscar.

We’re not sure exactly how he feels about this, but to turn down two parts like that would not boost our self-esteem, that’s for sure.

Sure, Shia’s done big movies like “Transformers,” but that’s not a movie that can be taken seriously, especially when it comes to the acting. “127 Hours” and “The Social Network” were extremely recognized for the acting performances, and they were well-received by them too.

Oh well. Maybe Shia will learn to take a chance. Maybe someday he can prove that he can act, and make an appearance at the Academy Awards… that is only of course, if he is willing to do so… -StarzUncut

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