Justin Bieber Claims That Kanye West Is A Good Guy


Justin Bieber has made some comments about Kanye West, saying that he’s not as horrible of a person as some people made him out to be.

Kanye has a history of doing not so nice things. This includes making his audience wait for hours at his concert until he felt like coming out to perform. This also includes the infamous Video Music Awards incident when he popped up out of nowhere to interrupt Taylor Swift’s speech about how Beyonce “had one of the best videos of all time!”

Here’s what the teen heart throb said about the R&B diva:

“I got to be in the studio with him and work with him and see how he works and talk to him and talk to him as a friend, and not like someone in business. He’s not really an a–hole, like everyone makes him out to be. I mean, he can, he can do bad things, but he’s really generally a good guy. He can make bad decisions, you know, as well as everyone can but generally I think he is a good guy.”

We’re not sure if it’s more shocking that someone is saying something nice about Kanye…or more shocking that Justin said the word “a**hole!”

Maybe Justin’s just being a good guy, and trying not to look bad in front of the press. Or maybe it’s just slightly possible that Kanye might be…a nice person…

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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