Diablo Cody Is Writing A Horror Movie Remake


So “Evil Dead” is going to be remade. Some of you probably already heard this, but here’s some extra exciting news!

Diablo Cody is going to write the script!!!

She’d be a great choice because she writes, and she writes well! She won the Oscar for writing “Juno,” and she also wrote “Jennifer’s Body” and “United States of Tara.”

Granted, “”Jennifer” was horribly received and “Tara” will be going off the air, both of these were still pretty remarkable in writing. I mean, come on:

“A puncture wound. God, that is so…emo!”

“Hell is a teenage girl.”

So for Diablo to write a horror remake, that ought to be a kick-ass script! She knows how to make something creepy yet witty and funny.

Sam Raimi will also be working on this flick, bringing back his original!

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