Eva Longoria Playing A Lesbian


Eva Longoria will be playing a woman-lover in an indie film called “Without Men.”

It’s about a Latin American village that is filled with only women as they rule this village. It looks like there will be one man who will actually be a priest.

So that already shows that no man will be scoring any action.

Eventually in the film, a male journalist played by Christian Slater comes to the village, and tries to get it on with Eva. But she decides to go in a different direction…the one that leads to Kate Del Castillo!

Eva and Kate will be doing some girl on girl action for this film., but considering that both of these actresses are straight, the director said that this should make the movie more sensual and romantic rather than like a dirty porn.

That’s very possible, but it’s VERY likely that this film’s audience will be contained with men.

We don’t know what man on Earth would miss out on Eva Longoria gettin’ it on with a chick!

At the same time, girls might be interested in seeing this too. After all, it’s about a woman-dominated village where only ladies have the power…

So how about it ladies and gentlemen? Are you all interested in seeing “Without Men?”

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