Casey Anthony Released From Prison


She may not be a star, but she’s definitely shining all over the headlines.

Casey Anthony has been released from jail today.

After being in jail for three years for the alleged murder of her 2-year-old daughter, and being found guilty of only lying to the police, she had only an amount of days left in jail to finish her sentence.

“It is my hope that Casey Anthony can receive the counseling and treatment she needs to move forward with the rest of her life,” says Casey’s lawyer Jose Baez.

After the verdict went through, there was plenty of hate mail going around. Casey and the jurors received threats, which caused one of the jurors to leave town.

Casey will have to live in protection with bodyguards around her until she’s in a safer environment.

Casey may not be receiving the death penalty, but her reputation might be.

Now that she’s famous for a possible murder incident, there’s not really a good chance of her finding a decent job or anything. It’s hard enough given that Casey’s a high school dropout, but to have “child murderer” written all around her…

It must be completely crazy to almost be convicted of murder, then be released from prison less than two weeks later…guess we’ll see what happenes next. -StarzUncut

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