Gossip On Marc Anthony And Jennifer Lopez’s Divorce


Rumors are flying all over the place about what happened between Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez.

According to some, Marc was too controlling although they were still very much in love. And according to a source from Us Weekly, the couple went to marriage counseling, and tried to make it work.

Someone told X17.com that Jennifer was getting tired of Marc’s attitude. It seems that people are saying that Marc had some personal problems that Jennifer couldn’t deal with anymore.

Of course, no one knows exactly what happened, but it looks like it was typical marriage problems that any wedded couples can go through. Maybe one day they’ll be able to discuss it, themselves, but for now, they should have their own privacy to deal with it until they’re ready to bring it up again…which may not ever happen.

But strangely enough, Marc and Jennifer are continuing with their reality show, “Q-Viva!”

That was less expected, but the show must go on!

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