Britney Spears’s Unreleased Version Of “Gimme More”

britney-spears-unreleased-version-of-gimme-more-videoWell that’s pretty random!

Britney Spears
‘s music video for “Gimme More” has an unreleased version! It’s a lot like the old one except it shows Britney doing other things besides dancing on a pole!

It shows her walking down a street in black and white. It also shows her with a cat in her bedroom…

This extra footage actually made the video more fun to watch. A lot of people would probably love to just see Britney on a pole, but a mild strip tease didn’t look so hot when this video came out during all the crazy scandals.

This included Britney shaving her head, hitting a paparazzi car with an umbrella, (wtf?) driving with her baby on her lap, as well as frequent trips to rehab.

So a pole dance during this time spelled out “W-E-I-R-D-O” instead of “S-E-X-Y.”

But why was this version of the video not released? Why was certain footage taken out? Any thoughts? Comments?

Any thoughts on if Britney looked better with black hair?

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