Are Ryan Phillippe And Demi Lovato Dating?


That would be wrong on so many levels!

Demi Lovato is only 18! Ryan Phillippe is 36! That means that he was her age when she was born!!!

Plus Demi just got out of rehab, and still has not completely pulled herself out of the Disney status yet. Ryan is divorced with two kids with a third one that has a slight chance of not being his.

They are both on VERY different levels, and that just wouldn’t be put together right.

One source told E! News: “It was really hot and heavy for a while.”

But a contrasting source says that they never hooked up, and Ryan is still single.

So this shows that the rumor is not so much they’re dating, but they’re hooking up!!!

Anyone else thinks that this just seems so wrong?! He’s so much older with kids, and she’s so young and just legal!

Besides whatever happened with Amanda Seyfried???!!!

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