Justin Timberlake’s Girlfriend Almost Became His Co-Star


“Friends With Benefits” almost had Justin Timberlake’s real life lover as the main character.

Jessica Biel had auditioned for Mila Kunis‘s part, and had screen tested for it years ago.

That would’ve been interesting to have a real life couple play the part. That might’ve gotten some more people interested in watching it.

But Mila Kunis is just one of those actresses that can make a part look comedic. She’s really broken through since “That 70s Show.” Jessica has also broken out though since “7th Heaven.”

But since FWB hasn’t even come out yet, we won’t know how we feel about the main girl until we see it.

It’ll just be funny to see two hot actors going at it, but in a funny way rather than a sensual way.

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