Katy Perry Stands Up For Her Marriage


No celebrity likes to have their personal life plastered all over the tabloids.

Especially Katy Perry who tweeted about how bothered she is that tabloids keep making up stories, saying that her marriage to Russell Brand is falling apart.

Here’s what Katy tweeted:

“Just cause we don’t flaunt our relationship doesn’t mean there’s something wrong w/it. Privacy is our luxury.

There have been rumors that the couple are going through some hard times, but it looks like this pair doesn’t want to have every part of their marriage released in the news.

They’re obviously not like David Arquette and Courteney Cox.

Katy and Russell denied rumors that they were getting counseling, and Katy even sued an Australian magazine that claimed that Katy cheated on her husband.

So the tabloids should just leave the couple alone. If they want to find some gossip on married couples, they should find one who’s willing to spread the juicy details.

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