Justin Bieber Performing For The Beckham Boys


Hey Starz! I’m a really big fan of the site!

Did you hear about Justin Bieber? He’ll be performing for the Beckham family in exchange for soccer lessons!

That ought to be fun! Getting to perform for a famous family, and receiving lessons from the handsome, successful soccer player, David Beckham!

Justin will be performing for David and Victoria’s three sons. David told Justin that they really want to see him, and he’d offer soccer lessons in return.

So David is handsome, successful, and courteous. Jeez, no wonder why all the girls are after him.

It also looks like Justin’s girlfriend Selena Gomez will perform too. If she does, she can sing for the boys as well as the new little girl.

Aww, what a cute little story. It sounds like a win-win situation for each person involved. -StarzUncut

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