Trailer For “The Amazing Spider-Man!”



The trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man” is finally available for our viewing pleasure!!!

And it’s so awesome, so great, so beautiful, so…amazing!!!

Andrew Garfield looks like he will definitely be Hollywood’s new leading man by the time the movie comes out! No more geeky Social Network status for him anymore!!!

And Emma Stone is back to her naturally blonde hair. And she just keeps soaring her way to the top again and again!

And of course, there’s the legendary Sally Field!!!

This trailer looks like the movie will be awesome to the max! Sure, it’ll kind of start off the same way as the original “Spider-Man,” but hopefully, it won’t end with an emo strut down the sidewalk…

Our spidey sense is tingling, and it’ll stay that way till July 3, 2012!!! -StarzUncut

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