Lindsay Lohan In Court Out Of Violence!


So we go back to incidents that seem more normal by the minute!

Lindsay Lohan is facing one million dollars in a lawsuit for allegedly assaulting one of the workers from her rehab clinic.

According to reports, the rehab worker Dawn Holland said that Lindsay was violent when she tried to give a Breathalyzer test. Lindsay had apparently grabbed the Dawn’s wrist and pulled on it for a number of seconds.

Dawn is suing Lindsay out of causing physical and mental suffering as well as post-traumatic stress she claims she suffered from this incident.

We know that Lilo has some issues, but we didn’t expect her to get violent! There might be more to the situation than we think because so far, this seems odd. Just because it’s possible that what Lindsay did was out of her own personal stress she has rather than causing violence because she’s sadistic or something.

But maybe we just have no idea how troubled Lindsay is! Maybe that’s why rehab wasn’t enough before…maybe she needs a mental hospital!

Guess we’ll see what happens in her next case…

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