Britney Spears Sued For Unhygienic Habits


Britney Spears‘ former bodyguard Fernando Flores is filing a lawsuit against the popstar for being too…disgusting.

Flores claims that Britney’s gross habits have caused him depression and anxiety while working for her.

Some of these habits include not showering, not wearing deoderant, not brushing her teeth, smelling like cigarette smoke, not doing her hair, not wearing shoes or socks, using offensive language, picking her nose, and even…breaking wind…

Flores has also claimed that not only was Britney gross and offensive, but also making sexual advances on him.

We know that Britney isn’t known for being super classy, but this is just wrong! It’s totally awkward to think of the biggest pop princess of the generation do such unattractive, nasty things.

One of Britney’s reps is dismissing the lawsuit as just an excuse to go after Britney.

We’re kind of hoping that that is the case just because it’s mighty uncomfortable thinking of Britney as stinking up the joint and doing things that one shouldn’t be doing in front of others…especially when your name is Britney Spears!


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  • Ric Cotter

    Sooooo he’s depressed for ?…. Making sexual advances at him before she’s had a shower,maybe? What a dumba$$!!! First off, he should’ve accepted the advances stright up into the shower. (personal suggestion) Second of all if he feels that way then he should’ve quit and filed sexual harassment charges. I mean dude, c’mon ! Thats probably the reason she turned your rank butt down, gave ya the pink slip which in turned caused your depression due to the fact that you such a gravy job. Either grow a grow a pair or go back to Mammy Pam-by Land or whatever closet you just came out of…