Spider-Man Actor Gets Arrested For Battery At Comic-Con


Rhys Ifans was arrested at Comic Con! He’ll be playing the lizard in the new Spider-Man movie.

He allegedly pushed one of the female security guards, and was arrested for battery. It also looks like his co-stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are witnesses!

Wow, so he’s there to promote his new movie, and goes to jail at that event. We would call that unlucky, but it’s not like anyone forced him to push the security guard…

And considering that Rhys is not really that well-known, all of the people who saw him at Comic Con will remember him for being a creep rather than “the lizard.”

And now that it’s in the news, when people watch “The Amazing Spider-Man,” people are going to be in the theater and whisper to their friends “That’s the guy who got arrested at Comic Con.”

That’s one reputation that’ll take a good while to break away from… -StarzUncut

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