Lindsay Lohan And Paris Hilton Are BFF’s Again


Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are friends again…in other words, they are known again as the typical partying airheaded type of Hollywood chicks.

Lindsay and Paris were seen at Paris’s pad TMZ reported that Lindsay, Paris, and some others went to the beach, went into a hot tub, and had a little dance party…but Lindsay was being good and didn’t drink alcohol once.

It’s nice to see that friends are making up, but hopefully they won’t be bad influences on each other. Both of them have a tendency to get in trouble, and when trouble meets its match…the results aren’t good.

It actually is interesting in some way to see these two hanging out. After all, the two of them kind of work for each other…they were actually written for Anna Paquin and Kristin Bell’s parts in “Scream 4.” Those parts would’ve perfectly fit Lindsay and Paris. The two dumb blonde girls talking about how much they know about scary movies until one stabs the other!!

But let’s keep these girls safe…we know that these two have had some bad trouble, but we don’t want Paris pulling a knife out on Lindsay!!!

Let’s see how much their past has intervened them…

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