Angelina Jolie Might Quit Acting


Oh no! Is Angelina Jolie going to leave acting?

First, Natalie Portman, and now Angelina?

She hasn’t said anything about retiring yet, but in an interview with “Financial Times,” she said that she doesn’t love acting as much as she once did.

Here are some of her words:

“I’ve never not been grateful to be an actor. But I think when I was younger I needed acting more. I was trying to question things in life so you find these characters that help you find things and grow. I’m older and I know who I am… and I’m less interested in the character helping me answer something… than in being able to answer it for myself, as a woman, as an adult, with my family.”

“I don’t love acting as much as I did. I love being a mom.”

“Home is wherever we are. I’m very bad at staying in one place. I’m also bad at sitting still… There’s so much to explore in the world… So I love travel. If you can travel I think it’s the best way to raise kids.”

“As Brad and I get older we’re going to do fewer films. I’ve been working for a long time, he’s been working for a long time. We’ve had a nice run and I don’t want to be doing this our whole lives. There are a lot of other things to do.”

So nothing’s official on if she’ll retire soon or not. But it looks like she’s focused more on her personal life than on her career.

This is interesting considering Angelina is one of the highest paid actresses like…ever! She probably has each of her six kids’ college tuition paid up already so she doesn’t really need to make any extra cash…and that doesn’t include the ba-jillion dollars that Brad Pitt has!

We would love to see Angelina continue her career for as long as possible, but when the time’s ready, we’ll try to support her decision.

The kids need her too!

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