Bam Margera’s Tattoo Of Ryan Dunn


Bam Margera scored himself some new ink- this of his late friend Ryan Dunn.

Ryan’s face is permanently tatted up on Bam’s shoulder.

Bam seems to really like his tattoos since he’s got like eight trillion of them. It’s nice to see he saved a spot for his friend Ryan.

Former jack-ass star Ryan Dunn was involved in a fatal crash a couple months ago. It led to some tragic stories from his friends and family members, one of the most infamous being Bam Margera.

Looks awesome, Bam! -StarzUncut

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  • Lara O. Mac Donald

    Bam is one of a kind, and so was/is Ryan Dunn. With my cable out I’ve unearthed my almost obsessive (well, okay, completely obsessive) collection of all things CKY, and so many touching times watching the skits that made me laugh, and got me through some rainy days… a flash into each one of them now as we admire another piece of art without time on Bam’s skin, for life. As the days pass, the images of Ryan will bring less pain, and more positive memories to those that love Dunn, and it seems Bam is hip to that already. For that reason, the commemorative tattoo in itself proves bigger balls on Bam than anyone ever in any of these DVDs and videos. Not that it’s a contest, but I personally see this as a best friend in mourning’s recognition of admiration and heartfelt dedication to the memory of the Random Hero.