Did Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Break Up?


Hey StarzUncut,

There are some random rumors online that Justin Bieber broke up with Selena Gomez…. is this true?

I hear it’s just a rumor and nothing more.

I’m hoping so because I’m rooting for these two to stay together for a long time. But if they were to break up eventually oh well. After all, they are both young, and have the rest of their lives to find someone else…although I’m sure it wouldn’t take them that long to find someone else…

The couple do make a great team though. They both have that cute pop star persona, and the adorable attraction of one another.

But whatever decision they make, I’ll support it…but it looks like we might not have to worry about that now…

Because I hope that this is just a rumor!

Justin and Selena are NOT breaking up and their relationship is still going strong! -StarzUncut

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  • Lexee Bieberrr

    I hope they didn’t I am with Justin every step of the way(:

  • justinlover123

    Alyssa: Justin i am your #1 fan and i just dont think selena is the right one for you!!i love you soo much!!!! Melody: i love you soo much.I dont think selena is the right girl for you<3 FROM UR #01 FANS I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH I HOPE U GET THIS MESSAGE!!!!

  • Stingrayz8

    hey justin we r ur biggest famns and we love you sooooooooo…….. much!!!! But, we dont think selena gomez is your type!!!!! No offense but you r SOOOOOOOOOO much hotter then her!!!!!! Well any way we are going to be at your next concert and hope to see you single for us!!! LOL, WE LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • lucy

    they broke up i know they did and if not they will because selena is a *****

  • GetOverBieberAlready

    Out of all the teen stars right now, Selena has the most talent and is the prettiest. I agree that her and Justin shouldn’t be together, but not because he looks way better than her. She looks older than him, he still looks 15 and she’s starting to look like an adult. He seems way more into her than she does to him. They won’t last, but that doesn’t mean any of the mega bieber fans out there have even the tiniest chance of ending up with him. Sorry girls, just stating the truth.