Lindsay Lohan Not Appearing In Gotti?


Hey people,

It looks like Lindsay Lohan‘s career might take some more time to rise again.

She was supposed to be in “Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father,” but it’s actually not official. She still hasn’t signed on to be in it, and the producers are still talking to her about it.

If she joins this film, then she’ll have Kelly Preston, Al Pacino, and other big names surrounding her. But Lindsay might want to step out of this so she can focus on her personal life rather than her career. And working with big movie stars is a great opportunity, but Lindsay’s still really young so she has the rest of her life to be in a movie like this one.

It also looks like this movie was going to become an A-list film so her name would’ve been all over the headlines…in a good way, and not in a sleazy, demented, alcohol abusing way.

Does anyone even care to see Lindsay appear in another movie? Or do you think she should take her career elsewhere?

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