Miley Cyrus’ Potential Hacker In Jail


So it seems that Miley Cyrus faced a scandal of raunchy photos of herself all over the Internet…but it turns out it wasn’t her or anyone even connected to her.

It was likely a man named Josh Holly who has some addiction to the Internet, and pleaded guilty to credit card hacking. He had apparently hacked into some celebrities’ MySpace accounts and credit card numbers. But for some reason he told “Wired” that he got into Miley’s email, and that’s when he was tracked down.

But surprisingly he’s not being charged for the Miley case. It looks like the Miley case is what got the authorities to find him, but no one knows for sure if he was responsible for the racy pictures.

So on Halloween, this man is going to face up to 13 years in prison, and a humungous fine for fraud and hacking…spooky.

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