Two and a Half Men- Ashton Kutcher Plays A Buyer For Charlie’s House


Hey Starz!!! I love LOVE reading your stories! They’re amazing!!!

I just found out some information about “Two and a Half Men.” It looks like Charlie Sheen’s character will DIE!!! And all of his ex-girlfriends are going to make an appearance at his funeral while his house goes up for sale.

This is when Ashton Kutcher (or should we say his character’s name “Walden Schmidt”) becomes a potential buyer for the house. Odds are, he’s going to buy it.

One of the presidents of CBS said that this isn’t official on how the new season (airing on Sep. 19) will open.

But this would definitely be an interesting way to give the show a fresh start.

I’m thinking that this show should’ve just ended, but now I’m curious to see how it’s going to start.

Anyone else feel the same way???

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