No Sex And The City Prequel…


There’s no definite word right now on a “Sex and the City 3,” but we know for sure that there won’t be a prequel.

This is at least according to executive producer Michael Patrick King. He mentioned that he won’t be doing anything regarding Carrie and the girls in their 20′s. He said that he started Carrie at 33 and ended her at 43, and he has no connection to a prequel.

A prequel probably wouldn’t be that exciting anyway. The girls met in their 30′s so they would all be doing different things if they showed their lives before they met. Although we’d like to see what Samantha would’ve been like at 23…practice must’ve made perfect…hahaha.

So yeah, it looks like there won’t be a prequel, but there’s still hope for a trilogy! Just don’t make it like the sequel…that was just a shame to the show…

I mean, that whole concept with Carrie losing her wallet at that swap meet???…how much more irrelevant could THAT have been???

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