Sarah Michelle Gellar Guest Stars On Her Previous Soap Opera


Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s back to TV!!!…oh yeah, you already knew about that…

She’s going to be returning with “Ringer” on Tuesday nights on the CW this fall…but she’s now going to make a cameo on one of her classic TV shows.

Some of you might assume Buffy…but since that’s not on the air anymore…she’ll actually be returning to the daytime soap opera “All My Children.”

Yep, Sarah had a life before Buffy!

Now that “All My Children” is going off the air, Sarah decided to guest star in a cameo role rather than reprise the role she played before- Kendell Hart.

“I can confirm officially today that I will be doing a guest spot on ‘All My Children,’” said Sarah. She also said “I don’t want to be Kendell. That’s Alicia Minshew’s role. I don’t know what I’m going to be doing; we can take suggestions.”

That’ll be something to see Sarah return to her old show playing a different character…although Kendell had different actresses so that should all work out nicely.

We’ll be watching, Sarah! And we’ll MOST DEFINITELY be watching “Ringer!!!”

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