I Met Kobe Bryant Filling Gas In His Bentley



So I was in Newport Beach, California one day filling Gas in my Honda and here comes this SICK White Bentley all tinted up pulling into the Gas Station.  Everyone was checking it out and when the door opened it was Kobe Bryant casually walking out to fill his own gas.  He was sporting a Brazil Soccer T-shirt.  He is so suave!  He just had a walk to him that was full of nothing but confidence.

So while his car was filling gas, he looked bored so I quickly ran in and asked if I could take a picture with him.  Kobe with his deep voice was like ya no problem!  So I got this pic, I wish I got a haircut before I took this pic, but oh well I MET KOBE BRYANT

One thing I think fans will like is the fact when Kobe goes out in public is acts like an everyday common person he does not come blinged out in all this jewelry.  To be honest, if he was not 6’6 tall he would blend in with everyone else.

I asked Kobe if he was ok wearing Green, since Celtics wear Green, and he said he does not believe in nonsense like that as only believes in his game on the court!

You can also see how nice of a guy he is from the way he put his arm around me, he totally did not come off like a jerk who was upset to take a pic with a FAN!

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  • Limoneit

    Wow, how exciting a 20 some year old man all goggly eyed over a rapist. Is your own life so underachieving that this is a ‘big moment’ in your life?

    • Anthony

      Is your life so underachieving that you spend your day reading stories about ppl you hate? You’re a joke. That is all!

  • http://twitter.com/Joe7i Joe7

    haterz gonna hate

  • Evad689