Ryan Reynolds And Scarlett Johanssen Spending Time Together


Someone’s gettin’ cozy…

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johanssen were spotted having dinner in a restaraunt together recently.

The people around them said that they acted very flirty and intimate. And according to “OK! Magazine,” they’re reuniting after lonely feelings of divorce. Apparently, Scar Jo feels alone after Sean Penn, and now she’s frequently contacting Ryan. And apparently, Ryan’s been unable to move on after the divorce as well.

Maybe their reunion is just closure? But who knows, maybe they will get back together. They seemed like a fitting couple considering how smokin’ HOT they are!!!

But it must be difficult to keep a marriage when you’re at a stage in your career where work is such a big priority. Perhaps they just need time to cope with their lives.

Any of you think they’ll get back together???

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