Fans Honor Lucille Ball For Her 100th Birthday


Lucille Ball may be dead, but her reputation sure isn’t!

Over the weekend, almost a thousand people showed up in Jamestown, New York (Lucy’s hometown) dressed up as the late red-headed queen of comedy in honor of her 100th birthday.

The fans dressed up in polka-dot dresses and red-haired wigs, and went to a downtown plaza to sing “Happy Birthday,” and pretty much just have a good time!

This sounds like a crazy experience! But it’s a great way of honoring Miss Lucille Ball. There has to be some way to honor her 100th birthday due to how successful she was…and still is!

“I Love Lucy” went off the air 54 years ago, and re-runs are still being played all over TV. Her comedy was so complete and satisfying that it was hilarious in the 50′s, and is still a riot in 2011.

Who could forget vitameatavegamin and the chocolate factory scene???

And remember when Lucy and Ethel are looking into doing a stunt that needs girls?…

Ethel: There’s one problem. It says they need “girls.”

Lucy: Well we’re girls.

Ethel: We are?

“I Love Lucy” sounds like it’ll never die even if the actors do.

There’s our honor for Lucy! -StarzUncut

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