Felicity Huffman On “Desperate Housewives” Ending


Felicity Huffman who plays Lynette Scavo on “Desperate Housewives” said that she feels sad yet grateful about the show coming to an end.

“Those feelings are odd companions,” she said. “Sad and disappointed, because you go, ‘Aw, shoot, this sucks.’ And at the same time you go, ‘Wow. I think it’s so ideal because we’re not having to wait and see what the ratings are in year eight and maybe being on the bubble. I think ABC made a sacrifice of year nine in order to treat the show respectfully. Artistically, the writers get to work backward from the ending and choose the best way to end it, as opposed to going, ‘Oh my god, they’re not going to renew us’ at episode 18, and scrambling to make all the ends meet.”

She makes an excellent point. It’s better to think of a good long story without having anyone pull the ending out just because it’s not doing enough for audiences. It’s always better to let something end while it’s at its best rather than when it goes on for TOO long.

Felicity as well as Dana Delaney said that they feel the show could have gone for a ninth season…but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Dana Delaney who played Katherine Mayfair said that she would love to reprise her character one last time if anyone wants her to. Some of us would like to see her again just because she was one of the main characters for a while, and then she left so abruptly.

The last season will be airing on September 25th. It’ll be a HUGE year… -StarzUncut

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