Lady Gaga Releases Artwork For “You And I”


Lady Gaga has decided to turn towards her masculine side for her artwork for “You and I.”

When she tweeted a picture of herself as a man, she captioned it: “You’ll never find out what you are looking for in love if you don’t love yourself.”

Wow, that’s a pretty deep piece of art with that quote. The picture has Gaga with a cigarette in her mouth, sideburns, and a typical greaser haircut. So it seems like she’s saying that we need to embrace and accept all traits about ourselves.

This is kind of a pre-anticipation for the video for “You and I.” Although some of us were hoping her next single could be a different song, (*ahem* Heavy Metal Lover…) but her idea for the video sounds like it’s going to go on both sides of the team with some outrageous results.

Gaga has one trippy imagination…which makes her just so dang special! -StarzUncut

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