Anne Hathaway Responds To Negative Criticism


Anne Hathaway has acknowledged that people didn’t really appreciate the first picture of her as Catwoman.

“I was not going to admit it,” said Anne. “I asked someone to send me a few reactions to the photo, and I happened to know that MTV’s reaction was ‘meh.’”

“Meh” is a pretty good word for MTV’s reaction. They called the picture of her unflattering and underwhelming. But Anne said that this photo only shows a little amount of the character, and there will be more to the suit.

That’s probably true because this is only one picture. The movie doesn’t even come out till almost another year so no one needs to start their criticism quite yet. Anne Hathaway is a talented actress who has pulled off all of her characters (with the exception of the white queen…) so we don’t need to worry…at least not right now.

Hopefully Anne’s acting will prove everyone wrong of this picture.

Don’t let us down, Anne! Show them your claws!! -StarzUncut

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