Christina Aguilera Needs Music Help From Her Enemy


Oh dear…

So Christina Aguilera‘s last album “Bionic” was known as one of the worst albums of the year…and “Burlesque” wasn’t exactly that great of a hit since there was no real story except for Christina singing for the last hour.

So now Christina is going to have to look for help on her next album…and she might ask said help from her arch-nemesis…


Back in the day when TRL was cool, Eminem made a nasty comment about Christina, making hard-core sexual references about her with Carson Daly and Fred Durst…sound familiar??? He also called her a b**** in the song, and continued to make fun of her…

Christina made a response to that, saying that what he said was “disgusting, offensive and not true.”

But 12 years have passed, and Christina sounds like she’s willing to end the feud if it’ll spark her music career. She might ask the man who publicly insulted her for help on her next album so she can prove all those critics wrong about her music.

Sure, Eminem’s been doing really well with his music, but if he helps Christina, it might just make HIM look good instead of her…Christina’s album might be better, but won’t everyone be thanking Eminem for this???

Guess we’ll see if Eminem will even go through with this… -StarzUncut

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