Music Video For “Moves Like Jagger”


The music video for “Moves Like Jagger” has finally been released for our viewing pleasure! And oh boy, do we get pleasure!!!

The video starts off with some Mick Jagger footage, and keeps going with a bunch of people impersonating him as Adam Levine is singing. Of course, Adam has to have his shirt off…making the girls croon and the guys look bad. Plus Adam shows an androgynous side with his Jagger moves, which is rare for a male artist!

Christina Aguilera makes a brief appearance where she’s at the mic. But it seems the attention falls mostly on Adam, and all his upper torso tattoos. Lolz

It’s also cool how the video is for an audition in Los Angeles. The people who are dancing are actually pretty good! They seem to really show THEIR Jagger side well!

It’s a fun video and great song, enjoy!

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