Teen Choice Awards- Good Performances But Wrong Winners?


Teen Choice Awards had some memorable moments…good and bad…

First of all…you know how Ashton Kutcher won the award for Comedy Actor?

Did you all see Fergie‘s reaction to this??? She put a hand to her neck as if she was saying “I don’t THINK so!!!”

Could this have been because Ashton beat her husband in the category?…So Ashton wins for “No Strings Attached,” but not Josh Duhamel who was in “Life As We Know It…” a movie that was horrible received by critics…

Was Fergie seriously just being a sore loser???

On a plus note, Kaley Cuoco was actually pretty funny. It was awesome when she tried to dance with the robotic guys…and the ping pong scene was abrupt, but Kaley really knows how to entertain.

But here’s another downfall…no offense, but why did Robert Pattinson win the award for acting in a drama??? “Water For Elephants” wasn’t that well-received, plus it’s not really something that teenagers appreciated unless of course R-Patz made an appearance…

Anyone else agree that Robert won this award JUST because he’s Robert???

On another positive note, One Republic gave a nice performance of “Good Life.” It’s nice to see that that song did well especially since a lot of us first heard it from the preview for “One Day.”

So the night seemed to even out, but seriously…what the bleeding eff was up with Fergie???!!!

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