Is Jennifer Hudson A Size Zero???


It looks like Jennifer Hudson might’ve lost more weight than we all thought!

Joy Behar from “The View” mentioned that she ran into Jennifer while shopping. Here’s her story on what happened:

“I was in a store shopping, looking for a dress and I suddenly say ‘Oh theres somebody I know’ and it was Jennifer Hudson and she was shopping and she said ‘I know you’ … and then I heard the sales girl say to her ‘You’re a size 0′ and I said to Jennifer ‘How does that feel?’ and she said ‘I feel like they’re talking to someone else.’”

We kind of feel that way too! We know that Jennifer was heavier when she was on “American Idol” and even in “Dreamgirls,” but in the past year, she lost a massive amount of weight!

She was in a Weight Watchers commercial, singing “Feeling Good,” and it was amazing to see how much weight she lost. It was an inspiration!

But a size zero though??? That seems a little TOO small…that seems too small for a lot of people.

It’s strange because a size zero doesn’t always mean healthy. I mean, a size seven could still be considered thin.

Whatever size Jennifer is, we’re just hoping she’ll still be fit, strong and healthy. Her weight loss commericial was a motivation for everyone. -StarzUncut

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