Jennifer Love Hewitt Returning To TV!


Jennifer Love Hewitt is coming back to TV!!!

She’ll be starring AND producing the new series that will be on Lifetime.

The show is called “The Client List,” and is based on a Lifetime movie that aired last year. It’s about a housewife in Texas who lands a job at a day spa where she finds out there’s more to the job than what appears…apparently it offers illicit services…referring to a wild group of women…

This is when the housewife learns how to balance her life as a family woman as opposed to working with rowdy, sexual women.

This actually sounds like it might be a cool idea. It’ll be awesome to see Jennifer’s conservative homely life, and then her crazy ambiguous side. And it’s great to see her coming back to TV after “Ghost Whisperer” went off the air. It almost seems like Jennifer’s career is kind of going in and out. She’s in, she’s out, she;s up, she’s down…

Hopefully “The Client List” will be a good choice for her. Hopefully it’ll earn Jennifer a Golden Globe Award!

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