Bullies Cause Rebecca Black To Leave School



Rebecca Black has been pulled out of school due to harassment. Her mom will be homeschooling the “Friday” singer.

It looks like Rebecca has been harassed since her YouTube song went all over the Internet.

A lot of people agree that “Friday” isn’t really a great song, and Rebecca didn’t have to work that hard to become anything, but it’s messed up to hurt someone over it.

You don’t have to agree with what she’s doing, but harassement isn’t the answer to anything!

Rebecca has also received a lot of harassement in hate mail. Someone told her that she should go on an eating disorder so she can be pretty, and someone else threatened to kill her if she didn’t take the “Friday” video off YouTube.

That was when her new video “My Moment” came out. It was a response to all her haters, but now she has to leave school because of this.

This is sticky, but at least she’ll be safer. Rebecca Black may not be the most talented teenage girl, but no one deserves to get hurt over it.

Bullies just seem to be growing by the minute… -StarzUncut

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