Simon Cowell- “I Would’ve Dismissed Lady Gaga If She Was On ‘American Idol’”


Haha oh Simon!

Simon Cowell said that if he had seen Lady Gaga audition for “American Idol,” he would’ve dismissed her after 10 seconds!

But it didn’t have anything to do with her talent…it was mainly because of her whacky choice of fashion.

He would’ve defined her audition as “one of the kooky auditions.”

If you notice the auditions on “American Idol,” you’d see that the people who dress up all weird typically aren’t taken seriously. So if Gaga came in her Kermit the Frog outfit, that might’ve just created laughter.

Simon does admit though that Gaga has become successful.

“Now you have to be more open-minded and embrace that level of expression,” he said. “You hope to God you can find someone like her.”

So if a contestant shows up on “The X Factor” wearing a meat dress or some bubble leotard, maybe Simon should actually think twice…they may prove him wrong.

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