Jennifer Hudson Fires Back On Twitter



Jennifer Hudson has pulled her claws out!!!

There was a fan Q&A thing going on Twitter where Jennifer was answering questions from all her fans. This was when someone asked her if she lost all her weight from plastic surgery.

This was probably not the best move to make. Here’s what Jennifer had to say to that:

“Pls don’t ask me no more dumb ass questions. If u try ww u would know u don’t need any assistance. U people r so brain wash.”

The same person who asked the surgery question then started to make a little feud. This person called Jennifer a “malnutritioned bobble-head,” and called her husband gay!

Yeesh, what a jerk! It’s just so cruel and immature when someone uses gay remarks like in a bad tone!

Jennifer got pretty P.O., and told this commenter that she’s going to fly to where this person lived to show some “southside!!!”

This commenter probably deserves it though! How dare someone insult Jennifer with plastic surgery comments!!! And how dare they bring her husband in on it!!!

Ugh, what an ass!!!

You rock, Jennifer!

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