True Blood- Twins, Season Five, And Superman!


Here’s some good and sad news about “True Blood!”

First of all, we congratulate Sam Trammell on the birth of his twins! We wish the best for Sam and his girlfriend Missy Yager on their first sons that were born on Tuesday! We hope to hear the names of the twins soon!

Second, we found out some other good news! “True Blood” has been renewed for a fifth season!!! Now we have our plans made for next summer! No going out for us because we’ll have some Sookie waiting for us at home!

Third, it looks like a “True Blood” star was up for the part of Superman in the new “Man of Steel” movie…and he’s upset about not getting the part.

Joe Manganiello was asked to audition and screen test for the role of Superman. But unfortunately, if he took the role, then he wouldn’t have been able to be in the next season of “True Blood” due to scheduling conflicts. Apparently, there will be some big plans for Joe’s character on the show next season so he had to stick with what came first.

Joe sounds really bothered by the way he was talking to Digital Spy about it.

He said:

“This was back in January. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t upset … I was really, severely depressed for a few months. Because I really thought the direction they were taking the movie and the character, I really thought I had a great idea where to take that and I was very excited and I just wanted to try out my ideas and things. But, you know, it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Aww too bad, Joe. But there will be plenty of other great parts in the future. And if it means anything at all, we are really looking forward to seeing where your character will be going next season. :) -StarzUncut

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