Mel Gibson Paying Extra For Traumatizing Ex’s Son?


Oksana Grigorieva says that her ex owes her $500K for the trauma of her 14-year-old son! Oh Mel Gibson

Oksana claims in mediation that Mel owes her half a million dollars for putting her son through the horrific scene that occurred when Mel allegedly screamed at his wife and even knocked two of her teeth out. Although Mel claims that he just slapped her because she was out of control with the baby.

Oksana also claims that Mel was abusive towards her son by calling him names, and pretty much scaring him to death.

It looks like the two still have some more financial issues to go through so we’ll see what happens in the end.

It’s just an awful situation. It seems impossible to take Mel’s side at all due to that horrendous phone conversation he and Oksana had. That was scarier than any part he played.

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