Disney Star Arrested For DUI


As if the Disney DUI trend will never end…

Orlando Brown from “That’s So Raven” was arrested on Friday night for a DUI.

He was pulled over because his car randomly didn’t have a license plate, and the police smelled alcohol on his breath so they gave him a field sobriety test. He was taken in overnight, and was released the next morning.

Orlando was actually in front of his house when this happened, but being in a car under the influence is still a big deal…especially when his pregnant girlfriend was in the car with him!…this sounds like the situation could’ve been more dangerous than what we expected. It’s probably really good he was taken in so he won’t do anything reckless again.

But sadly Orlando didn’t learn as much from the last time he had some law trouble. He was once caught with marijuana in his car where he claimed it was for a friend…and the police pulled him over for driving with his lights off!

Is Orlando TRYING to get caught?! Why would he be driving with his lights off?! Or with no license plate?!

What would Raven say?…

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