Bradley Cooper Steps Out Of “The Crow”


It looks like there’s a big change of plans with the remake of “The Crow.”

Originally, Bradley Cooper was going to play the lead role. But he had to back out due to scheduling conflicts with “Silver Linings Playbook” as well as filming “Paradise Lost” right afterwards. So now Channing Tatum and Mark Wahlberg are new considerations for the lead role.

Keep in mind that whoever plays the lead role will be compared to Brandon Lee- the man who was killed while filming the original, and became legendary in “The Crow.”

Does anyone think that maybe “The Crow” just shouldn’t be remade? Because you can’t fix what’s never been broken…

Plus it wasn’t like the original could’ve been better…it was seriously out of this world awesome!!!

Come on, would you replace “The Lost Boys?” Or “Edward Scissorhands?” Some movies only need to be made once.

But we obviously can’t change Hollywood’s mind. If this remake screws up, don’t say we didn’t warn ya…

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